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Bach Flower Remedies help us with a variety of emotional and psychological experiences, such as; fear, panic, losing control, overactive mind, worry, despondency, despair, grief, stress, exhaustion, lack of confidence, hope, discouragement and many more. They are a simple and natural method of healing through the use of 38 types of flower and plant essences that are naturally found in the UK.

The remedies work on psychological and emotional states by providing the body with a positive energy. This in turn dissolves the issue/s by bringing the mind and body into harmony. By using the energies of nature, they have an effect on our subtle energy systems because we are also a part of nature.

Some examples are: White Chestnut - for circulating thoughts, it brings a calm, clear mind; Olive - for exhaustion, it brings a rested and supported energy state; Star of Bethlehem - for grief or fright, it brings consolation and comfort - along with many other remedies and combinations of remedies.

Bach Flower Remedies were discovered by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s and by searching online you will find a lot of information, most people have heard of Rescue Remedy for example. Dr Bach's work was to seek out remedies that helped with the cause of illness and dis-ease which he believed was due to our psychological states. Remedies can be used on adults, children and animals.

Bach Flower Remedies. Mimulus

Bach Flower Remedies. White Chestnut

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