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Subtle Energy Systems. Apophillite

An example of how our Subtle Energy Systems can affect us is:

We may have a physical symptom of lower back pain, this could also have an impact on our physical anatomy, say with our pelvis. This will also have a link to current mental or emotional issues we are experiencing.

With a subtle energy healing, I will look to see what the cause of that may be, such as a blocked, underactive or overactive subtle energy system.

Our subtle energy systems may need clearing, balancing, calming, uplifting or supporting and by bringing them into optimal balance during a session this then creates change and supports you through your current experiences.

See separate page for Bach Flower Remedies and how they work.

Some Science:

There are spiritual traditions that speak of universal energy that are over 5000 years old and the first recording of a luminous body held by scientific minds was by Pythagoreans around 500 B.C.

Various scholars and scientists have studied human energy throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. In the 1930s extensive observations of the Human Energy Field made the connections between health, healing and soul development to the healing in the body.

Supported research across different nations identified a biofield, now commonly known as a Bio-Magnetic Field or Aura.

Within our human energy field there are various energy systems known as our Subtle Anatomy. There is an intimate, inter-relationship, between our subtle anatomy and our physical body, including our physical symptoms and current health.

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