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Subtle Energy and Crystal Healing in Epsom

I am qualified to practice both Crystal and Energy healing. Healing in energy work means to restore, harmonize and balance the bio-magnetic energy fields known as the Subtle Anatomy. It promotes health and well-being in a complementary form to modern day medicine and alternative medicine.

Subtle Energy and Crystal healing is a form of healing therapy that uses the body’s natural energy systems to make changes to our current energetic make-up. This is achieved by using various techniques and tools such as: channelling natural energy; crystals; sound; colour and flowers.

Our thoughts and feelings to a large extent create who we are and our experiences. Rene Descartes (1596-1650) coined the term “I think, therefore I am” i.e. I think therefore I exist. We view the world from our own subjective experiences, our perspective of our thoughts and emotions.

Sometimes these thoughts and feelings can get out of balance and we end up being controlled by them rather than being in control of ourselves. Such as with our experiences of depression, anxiety and stress which are very common issue that people are dealing with in today's society.

These and other unique experiences are also present in our energy/bio-magnetic fields - known as the subtle anatomy - where they can be addressed through the use of crystal and energy healing by using the various techniques and tools described above.

Crystal and energy healing are a type therapy to help you move with more ease through life. It can also be used in conjunction with talking therapy and may help to accelerate this process.

Crystal and energy healing promotes autonomy, self-awareness and development. In your first session I will show you a technique that can be used daily to help you to stabilise and protect your energy field. To find out more about how subtle energy healing can benefit you visit the What to expect page.

To find out more about how our Subtle Energy make up can affect our physical body visit the Subtle Energy Systems page.

If you would like to contact me or book a session please click here - email contact form or telephone me on 07724-869916

My practice is based in Ewell Court, around the areas of KT19, KT18, KT17 within easy reach of Epsom, Ewell, Stoneleigh, Worcester Park, Chessington, Banstead, Cheam, Surbiton, and Kingston. There is free off street parking and bus routes 406 and 418 are a short walk.

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