Diane Clarke Energy Healings Energy and Crystal Therapy in Epsom

What can be expected in a session

After an initial consultation you will choose to either lay on a therapy bed or sit on a chair. It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothing and socks.

I will make an assessment of your subtle energy systems and make a decision on where the greatest need is for me to work. I will then choose the appropriate techniques and tools that will help to introduce new energy patterns into your subtle energy system in order to start the healing process and promote health and well-being.

Most clients feel deeply relaxed and comfortable. You may experience some sensations within your body such as tingling and you may sense me placing crystals near or on your body. It is also possible for clients to release energy during and a few days after the healing; each client session is unique to the individual.

The session will last up to an hour. My fee for each session is £40 - as a guide it can take 1-3 sessions to notice changes within yourself.

To book a Subtle Energy and Crystal Healing therapy session or to make an enquiry, please contact me on 07724 869916 or email me at: diane.clarke.energyhealings@gmail.com

What to expect. Bridge shot

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