Diane Clarke Energy Healings Energy and Crystal Therapy in Epsom

I offer two forms of healing therapy Subtle Energy Healing and Subtle Energy Healing and Crystal Healing - although Crystal Healing in its purest form is Energy Healing but with the use of Crystals.

Therapies Offered. River shot

Subtle Energy Healing

Natural energies are channelled towards the client in order to help promote health and well-being holistically for the individual.

This is done by assessing the condition of the energy systems and then making adjustments as appropriate to bring the energy systems back into balance and the best possible harmony. Our subtle energy systems may need clearing, unblocking or transforming in relation to the cause of the problem.

Therapies Offered. Amethyst

Subtle Energy Healing and Crystal Healing

Crystals are used as tools to help shape and focus channelled healing energies. They are powerful and effective tools that each have their own unique energy vibration which is influenced by its colour, chemical composition, inner atomic structure and outer form.

Crystals interact with us on many different levels and by using the crystals natural energies they can absorb, clear, transform, balance, calm, uplift and focus our subtle energies and therefore our auric energy field.

Many people choose this form of energy therapy but crystals are not always suitable for everyone, this will be discussed in the consultation.

Therapies Offered. Shells

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